Physical Therapy Management Plan – Common Mistakes

The importance of a business plan cannot be stressed enough because it is vital to the success of a business.  For a therapist, a physical therapy management plan has to be done first before venturing into private practice.

A physical therapy management plan has to be done with careful research to make it effective.  There is no suggested length, it can be short and concise or long, with details.  Data captured has to be accurate to make the plan a good guide for business owners.

Here is a list of the common mistakes in a physical therapy management plan: 

  1. It’s all about the purpose.  A physical therapy management plan is not just a document but it is all about the planning.  Planning is the careful process of creating goals and specific measures in tracking target metrics to ensure desired progress.  The plan is not cast in stone and should be reviewed regularly and revised as needed.
  2. It is best done in steps and pieces.  A physical therapy management plan is like a set of blocks that are connected together.  It has separate components that are combined to make it a comprehensive plan.  Each component, like marketing, financial and strategies can be done separately and in no particular order.
  3. The plan is always alive.  Once a physical therapy management plan is done, then so is the business.  An effective plan should be resilient and be changed as often as needed.  There are constant changes that happen to a business environment.  Failing to address changes will surely mean the death of a business.
  4. As a management tool, the physical therapy management plan should be shared with everyone on the team.  Although some information like individual salaries are best kept hidden, do share the goals and measures of success.  Holding team planning sessions can also help in building team spirit.
  5. Do not confuse cash with profits.  A business might be profitable but it might still have cash flow problems.  A sound physical therapy management plan should be able to spell the difference between cash and profits.  It is cash who pays the bills and profit is just a concept in accounting.
  6. A physical therapy management plan should focus on three to four priorities.  There is a greater chance of success when a business focuses on a few carefully chosen priorities instead of a lot of randomly thrown in ones.

The value of a physical therapy management plan can be determined by the data and the effort put into it.  A haphazardly done one is like having no plan at all.


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