Physical Therapy Management Plan Resources

In any undertaking, it is good to have a plan —from mundane things like grocery shopping or going on a vacation to huge ventures like going into private practice as a physical therapist. A plan or a blueprint will tell you where you are at right now and where you will be going. No matter where you are now in your private practice, it is essential to have a good physical therapy management plan.

In business terms, a physical therapy management plan describes the structure of your business, your management team and staff. Your patients will not only look for who are in your management team but more importantly, how the skills of your team will be able to help them.

Your physical therapy management plan will not only serve your patients but your staff as well because it delineates each team member’s duties and responsibilities so there will be no overlapping. Although each team member can have more than one role in the business, it is good to identify what functions each will fulfill. This part of the physical therapy management plan can be presented in your organizational chart.

The physical therapy management plan can also include external resources like doctors and other healthcare professionals. Doctors serve as your referral resources and if you can create a ‘web’ or a network of these professional advisors, their input can be valuable in your management decisions. Furthermore, these doctors are like-minded professionals whose aim is to help physical therapy patients by referring them to you. They can also provide you with expertise and experience that your internal staff lacks.

A good physical therapy management plan not only focuses on the past and present state of the business but also its future as well. You may start going solo at first but as your practice grows, you need to know what should be done next. One of crucial components of a growing business and which should have been part of your physical therapy management plan is the human resources. How many employees do you need for your front desk, for treating the patients, for following payments and claims from insurances, etc.

When you are thinking about getting more human resources, you might want to put as many specifics as possible in your physical therapy management plan. What are the specific skills your staff needs to have? What training specific to your business they need to undergo?

You must remember that like all plans, a physical therapy management plan is about the future. The past and present are just basis from which you make your plan.


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